• Kory Waldron

NBA FanDuel Christmas Swishes

Big Dogs Gotta EAT!!

First and foremost, to everyone who is reading this, Merry Christmas. Secondly, I respect the hell out of you for playing Daily Fantasy Basketball on Christmas, we are a different breed. I’m giving out 2 Christmas swish plays at each position. Along with 3 free standard NBA lineups.

Christmas Swish Plays:

Point Guard 1: John Wall

He’s coming back from a shoulder injury so he’s been sluggish along with the Wizards in general. A Christmas Day showdown with the Celtics feels like a game John Wall shows up to.

Point Guard 2: Jeff Teague

The Lakers are without Lonzo Ball on Christmas and what surely will be a scoring free for all. Teague has been quiet facing off against Clarkson he should have one of his better days.

Shooting Guard 1: Bradley Beal

The Wizards as a whole are due for a breakout game, it’s coming. Beal hasn’t hit the 20 mark in 3 games, can that continue?

Shooting Guard 2: Jordan Clarkson

He’s loved by me, he can do no wrong. He may actually be better than Lonzo currently, but it seems he may actually be on the market out. With that said and Lonzo out, Clarkson could find himself having a big day at great value price.

Small Forward 1: LeBron James

This could turn out to be a boom or bust pick. Yet, something about this years LeBron James and it being a game against the Warriors feels like LeBron will be at Christmas LeBron level x5. James will have to deal with Durant, expect a shootout.

Small Forward 2: Jimmy Butler

Butler went from just being another guy on the Timberwolves to being the man. He’s been sharp and well rounded, may even be the third best Small Forward currently. Against a weak Lakers defense and Brandon Ingram possibly out. Let the games begin.

Power Forward 1: Kristaps Porzingis

He’s a unicorn, he does outlandish things. KP buzzer beater for 45 seems like the “Christmas Miracle” we all need. Embiid may not play, that would open it up for a huge game possibly delivering my prediction. Play him.

Power Forward 2: Dario Saric

Quickly becoming the third best player on the Sixers. Embiid sitting out would increase the likelihood of a big game. Another one who’s bound to have another big one soon.

Center 1: Karl Anthony-Towns

Lakers are without Brook Lopez. Julius Randle, Larry Nance Jr and Andrew Bogut will be the committee put together to slow him down. The Wolves may feast.

Center 2: Al Horford

The Celtics have been a bit sluggish as of late. Wizards have been a roller coaster of late, Gortat is a polish toy hammer. Horford could have himself a day with the mix match.

Lastly, here’s 3 Christmas lineups, take them, steal parts of them. Best of luck to everyone & Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

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