• Kory Waldron

NBA FanDuel: Big Dogs Gotta EAT!

FanDuel started a new feature. Starting 5, so you select a starting 5 with the usual 60k cap space available. However, the salary per player is inflated compared to players salaries in normal competitions. So, I’m giving you my top two, we’ll call them, All NBA Money Team lineups of the night. I will never disappoint with random made up phrases.

All-NBA Money Team 1:

Guard 1: Eric Bledsoe

Bledsoe offensively has been hit or miss, but he’s been the addition the Bucks have need. Going against the hit or miss Charlotte Hornets.

Guard 2: John Wall

Wall is a recent return from injury and the Wizards are looking to gather more “Best in the East” form heading into 2018. Against the recent sluggish looking Brooklyn Nets, it’s like a John Wall night.

Forward 1: Michael Beasley

Beasley or Beastley whatever the kids are calling him these days, he’s been a gem this recent stretch. A guy like Beasley is a heat wave fold by a cold spell, ride the wave.

Forward 2: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

It pains me and a lot of other OTG basketball contributors that the Nets have been struggling. A silver lining for the Nets/DFS players is the Nets are home tonight. Jefferson who’s a high energy guy for this smuggling Nets team could find some momentum along with other teammates at home. He’s boom or bust.

Center: Dwight Howard

You can make the case to start D-12 almost any night. He’s been that good and consistent, with some ultra rare vintage 20/20 Dwight Howard nights even possible. Howard and the Hornets face-off with the Milwaukee Bucks who may have length and reach on their side, on the boards they struggle. Howard should feast barring foul trouble.

All-NBA Money Team 2:

Guard 1: Kemba Walker

Kemba is usually a lock to score more than 20 points in a contest. He hasn’t in his last 3 games. If you go to a roulette table and you see red hit the last 3 spins, you going to bet red or black? Bet black here, Kemba is bound to light it up.

Guard 2: Lou Williams

Oh the poor Clippers, they aren’t good, they have become what I and many feared. A place where guys catch more injuries than oops. Because of this, guys like Lou Willams become likely candidates to simply ignite a forest fire and score 25 plus. Williams will have a high usage rate and this will result in more big games than not. The Rockets defense is far better than last year which is a risk factor, but this still feels to good to pass up.

Forward 1: Draymond Green

He’s been out with a shoulder injury, but he’s back. The Lakers nearly beat the Warriors a few short days ago on Kobe night. Green and the Warriors won’t play games this time around. Expect Draymond to make his presence on the court felt.

Forward 2: Paul George

It’s coming, I swear, it’s coming! A Paul George explosion is coming, he’ll erupt for 25 plus points with a few assists and rebounds. A rated R showing is coming

Center: Steven Adams

The Hawks suck, no need to mince words. They are bad, they also lack a center with Dedmon out due to injury. Adams has been a sure thing, most consistent Thunder this season. He’s lined up to be a sure thing double-double.

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