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The 2017 NBA Re-Draft

Redrafting the 2017 NBA Draft.

The Rookie of the Year award won’t be won by a member of the 2017 NBA Draft class. That’s wrapped up and being directly shipped to Ben Simmons' mantle. Which is in no way a reflection of the play of the 2017 draft class to this point. One of the first times I can truly remember a year in which so many rookies are producing and playing quality minutes so quickly. We have been spoiled with young talent these past couple years, and I like it! What would’ve happened during the draft if we knew what we know to this point of the season? Who lands where? Things are about to get weird.

1. Philadelphia 76ers select Donovan Mitchell: 18.1ppg, 3.4apg, 3.0rpg 42.6 FG% 37 3P%

And here we go! Off the rip we change the complexion of the draft with Donovan Mitchell jumping 13 spots. Coming out of Louisville we knew Mitchell had the clean jimmy and could score. I had confidence in that aspect of his game and from the stories told of his work ethic. Moving on from the Hayward era, in seemingly typical Utah Jazz fashion. The injury bug has been jumping around; Joe Johnson, Rodney Hood and Rudy Gobert have all missed time this year. While new additions such as Ricky Rubio have been rather ineffective. So he never makes it that far down the board, the Sixers swoop in and take him. With Ben Simmons being the true point guard on this roster, the big man Embiid dominating on/off the court. Surround them with shooters and guys who can put the ball down on the court. A starting 5 of Simmons, Reddick, Mitchell, Covington and Embiid would be fierce!

2. Los Angeles Lakers select Lonzo Ball: 9.1ppg, 7.2apg, 6.9rpg 33.2 FG% 26.5 3P%

Magic Johnson still takes his man Lonzo, LaVar Ball may be a headache, but the Lakers wouldn’t head elsewhere. Yes, Lonzo Ball has been terrible overall by ways of shooting and scoring, the best aspects of his game remain through passing and rebounding. He has impressed defensively as well. The lights are bright on Lonzo Ball and the critics are loud, just the other night LeBron James & Lonzo Ball exchanged some words postgame. James gave words of encouragement and about focusing on basketball. He may not be the star most expect, but the Lakers made the right pick.

3. Boston Celtics select Jayson Tatum: 13.8ppg, 1.3apg, 5.7rpg 50 FG% 51 3P%

Danny Ainge has had some questionable draft picks over the years, but after selecting Jaylen Brown last year and Tatum this year. It seems like Ainge has everything back under control with drafting. And following the signing of Gordon Hayward and the devastation that occurred just minutes in his first game. Along with Marcus Morris missing time, the Celtics have leaned heavily on their rook. Tatum is well into the debate for Rookie of the Year, but that race as mentioned early, is out of reach barring injury. Tatum is offensively poised and has shown his age of just 19 is nothing more than a number. The Celtics will continue to thank Billy King and the Nets for their draft picks and most recent successful prospect, Jayson Tatum.

4. Phoenix Suns select Kyle Kuzma: 16.3ppg, 1.5apg, 6.7rpg 49.1 FG% 36.5 3P%

The biggest jump in this article from his original selection of 27th overall, KUUUUZZZ. 23 spots up Kyle Kuzma finds a new, not as luxurious home. Kuzma has been one of the gems of this draft class and for much of the season has out played his current rookie teammate Lonzo Ball. Kuzma play has even caused the Lakers to put stock in his future over Julius Randle who’s likely on his way out of La La land. However, knowing Kuzma would be this effective at the pro level he’s easily a top 5 prospect. Josh Jackson has been mediocre, a classic up and down during his rookie campaign. The Suns get Kuzma who can play the 3 or 4 alongside Devin Booker and TJ Warren, Suns already have a fast pace offense. That would surely be the case with Kuzma. I could say Kuzma all day, one of the best names in this draft class as well.

5. Sacramento Kings select Lauri Markkanen: 14.7ppg, 1.3apg, 8.1rpg 40.1 FG% 33.5 3P%

Lauri! Lauri! Lauri! This one I’ll toot my own horn, loved this kid coming out of college, reminded me of a great value Kristaps Porzingis. I don’t think he’ll reach that level, but he has the tools to be a very successful stretch 4. The Kings have put together a very strange assortment of parts for this roster. They aren’t going full rebuild, but they aren’t near contending for a playoff spot despite prior hopes and dreams prior to the season. With veterans like George Hill, Zach Randolph and Vince Carter they don’t go after the athletically gifted De’Aaron Fox. They take the young power forward who can play valuable minutes behind and alongside Randolph where he can learn and grow.

6. Orlando Magic select Markelle Fultz: 6ppg, 1.8apg, 2.3rpg 33 FG%

Possibly the biggest surprise drop of the draft, he ain’t number one anymore. A shoulder injury which has sidelined Fultz for weeks has been a conundrum. IT WAS SO BAD HE COULDN’T LIFT HIS ARMS, YET HE PLAYED ANYWAYS. It’s to be determined how he bounces back from this injury, but Orlando who have lost it’s magic since their hot start could use some positive thoughts. Elfrid Payton has been okay but it’s still to be determined if offensively he can become consistent enough to match his defensive prowess. Fultz when he returns healthy should still be the scorer he is predicted to become, the Magic get a new cornerstone piece.

7. Chicago Bulls select Jordan Bell: 4.4ppg, 1.4apg, 3.2rpg 1.0blks 74.6 FG%

The Bulls get back the pick the fan base wishes they snagged. With Lauri Markkanen off the board to the Kings, the stretch 4 that coach Hoiberg may desire. Bell would add a high energy guy who can play defense, rebound and throw it down hard. A guy who can be compared to Kenneth Faried. Bell would get minutes at the 5 as well most likely, but a steady amount of minutes would still be available.

8. New York Knicks select De’Aaron Fox: 9.7ppg, 3.8apg, 2.9rpg 40.4FG% 28.9 3P%

He may not end up in the basketball hell Rudy Gay once proclaimed Sacramento to be. He ends up in the basketball hell of the Knicks, which sell out regardless of their play and at times lack of a stable front office. Scott Perry is running things in New York now with Phil Jackson riding around in the subway. Porzingis & Tim Hardaway Jr are the future of the Knicks to this point. De’Aaron Fox would be surrounded by a nice collection of players who can create and score while Fox could remain that drive and dish type of player he is. Fox drives to the basket, kicks out to an open Porzingis or Hardaway Jr. Let’s not forget the highlight reel oops from Fox to Porzingis. It would be a ZINGER!

9. Dallas Mavericks select Dennis Smith Jr: 14.4ppg 4apg 4rpg 39.5 FG% 30.5 3P%

Dennis Smith Jr has had some explosive moments with the Mavericks and has caught the attention of even LeBron James. James proclaimed he should’ve been a Knick, unfortunately, even in this redraft Smith Jr doesn’t end up in the mecca. Mark Cuban got the right guy and he’ll remain in Dallas putting on a show for years to come.

10. Portland Trail Blazers select John Collins: 11.3ppg, 1.9apg, 7.1rpg, 1.0blks 59.7 FG%

The Atlanta Hawks are hot garbage, they won’t win over 20 games. I will say this anytime they are mentioned, it’s just how this thing goes. That got a good prospect in John Collins Jr, the man can score and rebound and is athletic and strong enough to play solid defense. Portland has their big 3 in Lillard, McCollum and Nurkic the supporting cast is scrappy at best. John Collins would hurt spacing but add another scoring punch down low with some added rebounding.

11. Charlotte Hornets select Josh Jackson: 9.1ppg, 1.1apg, 3.6rpg 1.1stls 37.7 FG%

Josh Jackson ended up in Phoenix, he’s played close to what the Suns record is of 11-24 at this point in time. It may be a reflection of the Suns as a whole but Jackson just doesn’t look very comfortable on the floor. The shots aren’t falling, but there’s potential on such a young prospect. Jackson has the length but lacks size and is extremely athletic. Charlotte needs to desperately blow it up in general. Although Malik Monk could become a good bench scorer in the future he lacks defense. Jackson is a fairly good wing potential and with time and size he could become a very solid, potential all-star.

12. Detroit Pistons select Luke Kennard: 6ppg, 1.3apg, 1.6rpg 40.7 FG% 38.3 3P%

The Pistons have been as far up as the 2 spot this year. Now they're hovering around the bottom of the playoff seeding. The weakest spot on this roster has been at the guard position. Avery Bradley has been his usual defensive self, but has struggled heavily offensively. Langston Galloway has been nothing special. Kennard ends up where he was drafted, given more experience and conditioning, Kennard could become a sharpshooter off the bench for this Pistons team. A consistent deep threat has been something the Piston have lacked these past several seasons.

13. Utah Jazz select Jonathan Issac: 5.7ppg, 4.2rpg 43.1 FG%

Utah isn’t lucky in this redraft, Mitchell is long and gone. The Jazz have followed the defense first approach, adding a young Issac would provide that. This of course is the best case scenario with the dark horses and studs gone. Jonathan Issac has missed a lot of time this season only playing in 13 games so far his rookie campaign. Issac is another long athletic wing in this draft class, he has the potential to be a well rounded defensive based wing. A guy who can get to the rim. A lot of the wings in this draft class in particular are rather lanky. Issac will need to build consistency with the jump shot and put on some muscle. If defensive minded Frank Vogel wanted him, defensive minded Quinn Synder may also see that potential.

14. Miami Heat select Bam Adebayo: 6.3ppg, 4.2rpg 61.3 FG%

Miami doesn’t need the second coming of Dion Waiters in Malik Monk nor the Frenchise who still have yet to hear their names called in this draft. They stick to their guns and draft the rim shaker, Bam. Bam Adebayo has seen some quality minutes with the absence of Hassan Whiteside for much of the season so far. Bam is great for anything around the rim, he can throw home oops and throw it down while using his length and strength to grab boards. As his basketball IQ grows and he develops better conditioning and positioning he’ll have a DeAndre Jordan like feel on the court at best. Which isn’t a bad thing to develop into, or he could become another Biyombo like center with more athleticism. Pat Riley is the godfather, let the man do his thing, there’s a plan, I think, probably..

15. Sacramento Kings select Frank Ntilikina: 5.7ppg, 2.1rpg, 3.3apg 35 FG%, 32 3P%

The Kings passed on De’Aaron Fox to draft Lauri Markkanen. Now in need of a point guard to lead the future they find the best steal of the redraft good ole Frank (I cant say his last name verbally) Ntilikina. The Kings would have a golden opportunity to have Ntilikina learn and play behind George Hill. There games could be very identical in future but Ntilikina has speed which isn’t something George Hill had a lot of. Kings begin this rebuild behind Lauri Markkanen and Frank Ntilikina.

16. Minnesota Timberwolves select Malik Monk: 6.3ppg, 1.3rpg, 1.6apg 33.5 FG% 33.7 3P%

I know, I know, it doesn’t matter who gets drafted here. Whoever is drafted probably won’t see much, if any court time. Damn you Thibs for your stubborn ways! Felt like I was yelling that at the tv the other day. What I’m alluding to is how coach Thibodeau plays his starters with no care for what the future may hold. It’s a very short sighted style of coaching. Part of the reason why is the bench unit is simply not very good to sustain any momentum without majority of the starters on the court. Malik Monk would be placed alongside Tyus Jones, Jamal Crawford which has three ball handlers on the floor and three guys who have the ability to score. Malik Monk has lost his role with the Charlotte early on due to lack of defense. Not something that would fly in Minnesota at this junction in time. So Monk likely continues to see bench time. Potential remains however, give it time.

17. Milwaukee Bucks select Zach Collins: 2.5ppg, 2.6rpg, 31.1 FG% 27.3 3P%

The Bucks have made some solid moves this season by trading for the likes of Eric Bledsoe. One issue however is at the center position, John Henson who looked out of the rotation last year is now getting the workload, but remains a question mark. Thon Maker, damn you first off, has taken a step back in his game. Maker just doesn’t seem to be able to match the hype he has had placed on him. Zach Collins likely isn’t the solution Milwaukee is looking for, yet it remains the one area of their team that needs improvement. They take youth in hope he can possibly develop into a versatile center in which they currently lack. Collins most likely won’t find success here.

18. Indiana Pacers select OG Anunoby: 6.7ppg, 2.0rpg, 48.9 FG% 43 3P%

The Pacers are on cloud 9 this season. I predicted the Pacers to be no better than a lottery team. Well, a quarter of the way in it looks like the Pacers are bound for the playoffs. Victor Oladipo who played at Indiana University has been outstanding and earning the love of all Pacer fans at a rapid rate while catching the leagues eyes. The Pacers in general have a trend to acquire players who become fan favorites, David West, Lance Stephenson as recent examples. OG Anunoby is a hoosier, he played at IU and fans would embrace him. On the court Anunoby becomes a wing defender and a gifted athlete who can become a constant threat offensively in time. Anunoby has been a pleasant surprise for the Raptors while playing rather important minutes to start his career.

19. Atlanta Hawks select T.J Leaf: 3.3ppg, 1.7rpg 45.9 FG% 47.8 3P%

UCLA standout T.J Leaf has the potential to be a perfect stretch four. I myself was very critical of T.J Leaf on draft night. I had hopes the Pacers would draft John Collins or Harry Giles Jr with OG Anunoby on the back burner. Leaf has impressed me offensively in his brief appearances on the floor. His defense iq seems rather low along with his ability to guard on the perimeter. Nor is he the guy as of now to bully someone down low, but he’s a guy who could breakout later in the season.

20. Sacramento Kings select Justin Jackson: 5.9ppg, 1.8rpg 38.2 FG

Justin Jackson ends up finding his way to Sacramento, possibly it’s fate. Whether or not that’s a good or bad thing remans to be see. Jackson is another wing but he has decent size which allows him more chances to attack the rim and become a solid defender. Jackson will also need to work on his Jump shot for it’s not a consistent shot. He’ll continue to play a solid amount of minutes in Sacramento and he can become a possible piece for the future.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder select Dwayne Bacon: 3.6ppg, 3.1rpg 36.4 FG% 34.5 3P%

Bacon has earned some quality minutes down in Charlotte with the time Batum has missed. OKC is in desperate need of change, the big 3 of Westbrook, George and Anthony can’t make shots currently. The bench unit simply isn’t able to score or sustain defensively any runs to take some pressure of the starters. Bacon could be apart of that solution.

22. Brooklyn Nets select Jarrett Allen: 5.3ppg, 3.7rpg 53.8 FG%

Nets are in need of a big man, they’ve already decided to trade for Jahlil Okafor. A chance to improve the frontcourt of the Nets. When Allen is on the floor although it’s in short burst his presence can be felt. He could become a solid Nets center for the future, the Nets stick with the throwback 70s looking Allen.

23. Toronto Raptors select Terrance Ferguson: 1.3ppg 39.3 FG%

Ferguson gets some light playing time, yet, he’s really shown he can be groomed perhaps to be a rim rattler and a three point shooter. For Ferguson it’s about minutes, the Raptors bench until will still need depth and Terrance would fit in to attacking the rim and expanding his range.

24. Denver Nuggets select D.J WIlson: (It doesn’t matter)

This may be the year where the Nuggets finally trade Kenneth Faried and possibly Emmanuel Mudiay. D.J. Wilson is a young athletic long wing/forward, he’d possibly find more minutes in Denver.

25. Philadelphia 76ers select Frank Mason: 7.9ppg, 2.2rpg, 3.2apg 38.6 FG% 42.4 3P%

The Sixers got the stud of the draft in Donovan Mitchell. And here they are, getting some more luck to snag Frank Mason. Initially Mason was a second round pick, but is now a late first rounder. Mason would fit perfectly into that back up point guard role and would add more shooing to the position.

26. Portland Trail Blazers select Caleb Swanigan: 2.6ppg, 2.6 rpg

He ends up in Portland again. Swanigan is a workhorse yet it hasn’t showed much first year success. His touch has been wildly off and he looks like a raw prospect, worth the risk all the same.

27. Los Angeles Lakers select Josh Hart: 3.7ppg, 2.5rpg 44.3 FG% 36.7 3P%

Josh Hart, NCAA champion catches the eye of the Lakers front office and he winds up playing in the purple and gold. With Kuzma off in Phoenix, this Lakers team would have more minutes to be had. Hart could add some defense the Lakers have lacked at times. Not to mention he's a winner, every core needs guys who know how to win.

28. Utah Jazz select Sindarius Thornwell: 4.1ppg, 1.6rpg 44.9 FG% 41.9 3P%

The Clipper got a steal in Thornwell who as an initial second round pick has worked his way into the first round. Clippers have been ravaged by injuries which have likely put the team into sell mode looking at a rebuild. Thornwell has played well given the minutes and offensively he has the showings of a productive bench unit scorer. The Jazz could use some extra firepower, and Sindarius is ready to provide.

29. San Antonio Spurs select Derrick White: 1.3ppg, 1.3rpg 42.9 FG%

Numbers are dull, he’s back in San Antonio. Why? Because you never question the Spurs! Even if there’s a fire, you roll with the Spurs. So great pick! I’ll follow you to the depths of hell Popovich and company.

30. Los Angeles Lakers select Tyler Lydon: Nada

Tyler Lydon originally was drafted by the Denver Nuggets, he has yet to see any actual floor time. So why Lydon? Lydon and I come from the same area so it’s cool seeing home grown players on the biggest stage. Lydon did have a workout with the Lakers, with no Kuzma they’ll need a stretch 4, Lydon gets a chance. This likely leads to Julius Randle staying put in Los Angeles.

This concludes the 2017 NBA re-draft. There will be a part 2 to this article where we see how these teams would've performed had this draft happened.

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