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The NBA Outlet EP. 86 - The Cavs, LeBron, Blake Griffin and More

OTG’s Nick Fay, Kory Waldron, and Evan Dyal talks Cavs, Blake Griffin’s injury and more.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are back?

- The Cavs are on a 9-game winning streak

- Is it safe to say the Cavs are back?

- Dwyane Wade and Kyle Korver

- LeBron James’s best season?

- LeBron ejected last night

- Enes Kanter tweet

Blake Griffin injury

- Sprained MCL (weird play)

- Kardashian curse

- Blake carrying the Clippers

- Clippers season is done? (8-11)

- Blake’s future

- Time for the Clippers to clean house?

Worst team in the league?

- Chicago Bulls

- Atlanta Hawks

- Dallas Mavs

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