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Brooklyn Buzz EP. 9 - Thankful for Sean Marks

OTG’s Nick Fay and Jac Manuell talk Blazers vs Nets, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen, Sean Marks and more.

The Nets lose a close one to Portland

- The Nets lose 127-125 to the Blazers at home

- Initial reaction from the game

- What went wrong?

- Key plays

- Who played well?

- Spencer Dinwiddie

- Jarrett Allen

- Joe Harris

- Sean Kilpatrick

The losses against the Cavs and Warriors

- Super team and Super-LeBron

- Make someone else beat us

- Positive takeaways

- Youth development

Favorite Thanksgiving dish?

- Does gravy count?

- What are Disco Fries

- Sweet Potatoes

Which member of the Nets organization are you thankful for?

- Sean Marks

- Kenny Atkinson

Bonus:new owner talk

- Joseph Tsai

- His impact


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