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  • Kory Waldron

FanDuel: Big Dogs Gotta EAT! 11/20/17

This here is the third installment of get your money and EAT! I’ll be giving you 3 lineups, these lineups are based on production and overall quality of match-ups. Two lineups are built around stars and the third is based on great value picks.

1. LeBron James and the Cavs will be up against the Pistons who are playing a back to back, the big dog himself should lead the way. LeBron when he plays will always have the respect of being in one lineup! (So far on BDGE DFS LeBron lineups are 2-0) Embiid will play sidekick in this lineup, watch closely as he is a game time decision. In the case that he is, look at Towns or Jokic to replace him.

2. Get your freak on, without question Antetokounmpo is a matchup nightmare and a powerhouse. Washington is playing on back to back nights, The freak is rested look for him to explode and lead this DFS to some winnings.

3. Lastly, great value. I base this lineup on match-ups, recent schedule, and who’s been balling. Irving and the Celtics are looking for 16 straight, Dallas should fall over. This lineup has some risk but Rivers, Jonathan Simmons and Marcus Morris are due for a solid to big outing.

Remember these aren’t guaranteed wins, but these are nearly suggestions and a possible opportunity for you to win.

Remember, can’t win what you don’t put out. Stay hungry my friends.

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