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The Shuttlesworth Initiative Episode 2 - The Space Jam Episode

The boys are back for another edition of the Shuttlesworth Initiative. In this episode they reflect on the match-up between the Lakers and 76ers. How good is Joel Embiid? Do the 76ers have the best young core in the NBA? The guys discuss. Chris and Jay also talkLos Angeles Lakers and Lonzo Ball's struggles - should Lakers' fans panic or is the slow start much ado about nothing? Are folks still buying BBB stock? With Lonzo's play and Jello's trouble in China, the guys wonder about the negative attention's impact on the BBB brand. Plus, in honot of the 21st anniversary of the cinematic classic Space Jam, the boys discuss its significance. Is it the best basketball movie ever? All that and much more on this episode of the Shuttlesworth Initiative!

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