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The NBA Outlet EP. 83 - Kings, Queens and Princesses

OTG’s Nick Fay, Kory Waldron, Jay Christian, and Jacob Hirsohn talk about LeBron James and the New York Knicks.

LeBron James vs New York Knicks

- LeBron says Dennis Smith Jr should be a Knick

- Enes Kanter+Kristaps Porzingis respond

- LeBron clarifies shot was at Phil and laughs at Kanter

- The Knicks and Cavs faceoff in MSG Monday night

- LeBron vs Frank Ntilikina and Kanter

- Knicks hold a 23 point lead

- LeBron and Kyle Korver take the game in the fourth

- LeBron’s minutes

- Kanter calls LeBron a King, Queen, and Princess

- LeBron responds he is the King, wife is the queen, and daughter is the princess

- LeBron posts on Insta he is the King of the New York

- Knicks players and fans respond

- Is KP the king of NY?


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