• Kory Walrdon

FanDuel NBA 11/15/17: Big Dogs Gotta EAT!

A few times a week, I’m going to try and help you, the people, get your money and EAT!

I’ll be giving you 3 lineups, these lineups are based on production and overall quality of match-ups. Two lineups are built around stars and the third is based on great value picks.

1. LeBron James the big dog himself leads the way. LeBron is playing MVP like and although he’s expensive, like any team would BUILD AROUND HIM!

2. Fire and Ice! Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are BIG DOGS! These guys light it up every night. Having two guys like this is risky, but not with the right supporting cast.

3.Lastly, great value. I base this lineup on match-ups, recent schedule, and who’s been balling.

Remember these aren’t guaranteed wins, but these are nearly suggestions and a possible opportunity for you to win.

You can’t win what you don’t put out. Stay hungry my friends.

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