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The NBA Outlet EP. 79 - Spooky Starts

OTG’s Nick Fay, Kory Waldron, Jesse Corwin, and Dennis Dow talk Okafor, Porzingis, Cavs and more.

No Option for Jahlil Okafor or Mario Hezonja

- Top 5 2015 picks

- More surprising?

- More likely to bounce back?

Ben Simmons

- Can he make the All-Star team?

- Is he the best rookie by far?

- This year’s class

More Surprising

- Giannis Antetokounmpo or Kristaps Porzingis

- Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors

- Cavs trade ideas

- LeBron’s future

- Memphis Grizzlies or Boston Celtics

NBA Halloween Costumes

- Who had the best?


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