• Nick Fay

Fantasy Basketball: Don’t Bail On Jimmy

The sports world we live in invites instant, “hot take” reactions that are supposed to seem wide-ranging and long-term. Owners in all fantasy sports are not immune to such analysis, and early in this NBA season it’s surely already coming.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are trying to integrate a number of new faces this season, including most notably draft night acquisition Jimmy Butler.

Butler is off to a slow start offensively through three games, averaging 13.3 points per game on less than 40 percent shooting. But he’s averaging 5.7 rebounds, 4.0 assists and two steals per games at this early point, which are all not far from his averages in those categories during prior seasons. He may not average nearly 24 points per game this year, as he did last year with the Bulls, but Butler’s offense will surely come around.

To show how far Butler seems to have already fallen in fantasy circles, I was offered a trade in one of my leagues on Sunday night. I would have received Aaron Gordon and Kent Bazemore, in exchange for Butler. I rejected it as quickly as it came, and shook my head at the idea.

There are surely some fantasy owners that drafted Butler, but are ready to panic and trade him for far less than value after three subpar scoring games. I admire my league mate for thinking I’d be one of them, and being ready to take advantage if I was willing to cut bait already.

If you own Butler in your fantasy league, just sit tight as he has virtually nowhere to go but up in the scoring column. But if the Butler owner in your league wants to trade him to you right now, for a return even a bit better than I would have gotten, click the accept button before they can change their mind.

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