• Andrew Hughes

The Knicks' Point Guard Battle

The New York Knicks have embraced what they should be. A youth movement is in full swing. Rebuilding has officially begun. Kristaps Porzingis, Willy Hernangomez and Tim Hardaway Jr. figure to be three featured components of the Knicks offensive attack. Enes Kanter will be an elite post option for a Knicks team that lost plenty of easy buckets from Carmelo Anthony's departure. In order for those guys to flourish like they could, the Knicks will have to figure out their point guard situation. At the moment, it is quite murky. Frank Ntilikina was the team's lottery pick this past June. While he could be thrown into the fire like Porzingis was his rookie year, it doesn't appear that will be Jeff Hornacek's plan for the former French league standout. Instead, the Knicks figure to have a point guard with at least one season of NBA experience man the offense. There are three different options. Ramon Sessions - Sessions is a speedy veteran who hasn't had much luck with injuries the past few years. At his peak, Sessions was an offensive spark plug who was able to run a fast paced offense with the Cleveland Cavaliers and later served as the floor general for a Lakers team that featured the Big 3 of Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Sessions was traded for a first rounder when the Lakers acquired him. Now he is only worth the veteran's minimum. That doesn't mean he can't contribute though. In 20 minutes per game, Sessions could be a positive presence on the young Knicks. He is not going to change any games with his play but he could set the tempo and allow the team not to get ahead of itself. Sessions is tentatively the starter for New York. Though he was late for a workout this summer, he remains perhaps the best option to be on the court for the start of each game. Jarrett Jack - Jarrett Jack can play...when he plays. He has had issues himself with injuries the past few years, but his have been far more severe than Sessions'. Jack suffered a torn MCL and ACL to end his tenure with the Brooklyn Nets over a year ago. He also various other issues last season during a short stint with the Atlanta Hawks. Jack would provide great depth for the Knicks if they decided to guarantee his deal. Remember, right now Jack has to earn his way onto the team. If he does earn a spot on the team and his health holds up, he could actually push Sessions for the starting spot. A competition for the starting role would be beneficial to not only those competing for it but also for the entire team. The young guns would only benefit from watching a competition like that. Ron Baker - Ron Baker is the wild card. When Steve Mills talks about the Knicks' young core, Baker's name always comes up. It wouldn't be particularly surprising to see him get the nod, especially after seeing him start the remaining games down the stretch last season after Derrick Rose went down with injury. Baker was a Phil Jackson signing but he earned himself a spot on the team for the next two seasons. He will be making almost $9 million after a so-so rookie season. Team management sees potential in Baker. If he could become more proficient with the 3-pointer perhaps he can earn the starting spot. He does already play inspiring defense. Time will tell. Perhaps the Knicks will go with their rookie Ntilikina and give him a chance to prove himself. More than likely, though, it will be one of the aforementioned point guards that runs the starting unit to start the season.

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