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I Know What You Did This Summer

This year’s free agency and trade season was one of the wildest in NBA history. What was even wilder were the antics of some of the best players during the summer period. TNT ran their version of a ‘Summer MVP’ including the likes of Hoodie Melo and China Klay, whereas we here at OTG have been keeping an eye on all the summer happenings of some of your favorite players. We’ve compiled all of the most memorable ones into an article I like to call ‘I Know What You Did This Summer’.

LeBron James

Let’s start with The King. As always James was active on Twitter in numerous ways, most notedly in his response to the conflict in Charlottesville:

While in New York recently for Fashion Week, he caught up with his banana-boat buddy Carmelo Anthony and reigning MVP Russell Westbrook for some fun too. They posed for some Insta love:

While earlier LeBron was doing his best Zoolander promoting his new Lebron 15s:

Oh and Scottie Pippen was there too:

And of course who can forget that scrimmage with Kevin Durant, JR Smith, Melo (and Enes Kanter who no one seems to mention):

Kevin Durant

KD was the Twitter MVP of summer. He was out here trollin’ fools like there’s no tomorrow:

The guy even made freaking cupcakes to promote his new shoes:

Kevin Durant, your troll MVP ladies and gentlemen.

Jimmy Butler

Newly acquired Timberwolf Jimmy ‘G Buckets’ had a fun summer himself before the Bulls decided to trade him. He was living it up with his buds Dwyane Wade, Melo, James Harden and Hassan Whiteside over at Paris’ fashion week when he discovered the news of the trade while hanging out with Wade himself:

He even decided to visit yours truly in London:

Despite his departure from the Bulls, Butler and Wade remain chummy even getting together some other former Bulls for a run-around:

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi started smiling. No, you’re reading that right, KAWHI STARTED SMILING!

He also rocked some of the most fire kicks while hanging backstage with rap God Kendrick Lamar:

Despite the fact he wasn’t smiling in this photo, we still approve.

Klay Thompson

China Klay is a gift from God. Sure he can’t dunk:

And his Warriors’ teammate was even poking fun at him:

But man, he can dance:

Oh and he might be a bank robber too:

If we could somehow combine China Klay with Spongebob’s Patrick/Klay then we’d have the perfect human.

D’Angelo Russell

Is there a player who has fit better into his new environment than Russell has in New York? Whether it be hanging with fellow athlete fashionista Odell Beckham Jr:

Or just dropping daggers on neighborhood courts:

It seems that the man with Ice in His Veins has warmed to the prospect of New York life.

Players Doing Good

There were plenty of athletes lending their support to the devastation happening in Texas and Florida but we handpicked the generosity of James Harden who donated a whopping $1 million to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts:

The Best of The Rest

Hassan Whiteside got his True Detective on (for the record Whiteside is a must follow on Snapchat):

Video Game Dame is in the process of recording a new album:


The Ball family are the NBA’s Kardashians and now have their own reality show:


And Lonzo is challenging Lillard for rap supremacy:

And finally, Ricky Rubio pulled a Gordon Hayward and ‘Longbottomed’ hard:

What were your favorite moments of the summer? Let us know on Twitter @otgbasketball.

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