• Brett Carroll

NBA Players and Their GOT Counterparts

With all the drama going on the past two NBA offseasons, one could mistake the league for a never ending episode of Game of Thrones. But maybe the comparison is a lot closer than one might expect. Let’s hop on our dragons, grab as much dragon glass as possible, and set a course to Westeros! As NBA fans will say, Fall is Coming, so let’s see the characters who will be major players in the upcoming season.

Isaiah Thomas/Tyrion Lannister

I mean this one’s so easy it writes itself. Both are mini superstars in a world full of bigger-than-life characters. Thomas burst onto the scene last year, after building his game over the first five years of his career. Thomas before then was really only known for his name’s HoF ties. Lannister had been overlooked his whole life, despite being part of the most powerful family in the world, and now is the Hand to Daenerys Targaryen. Thomas leads the underdog Boston Celtics as the only true foe for the favorite Cleveland Cavaliers (and new team). Lannister and Daenerys are trying to figure out how to take the Iron Throne. Now, no one is overlooking these two, and will be rooting for them to take down their enemies.

Kevin Durant/Cersei Lannister

It feels good to be king (or in Cersei’s case, queen). Durant finally got the title that avoided him his whole career, after being so close four of the last seven years. Cersei finally sits on the Iron Throne, after sitting right by its side for years. Even though the two got their crowns, the way they acquired them was controversial to say the least. Betrayal, alliances, and a little violence had to be used to get where they are, but neither are apologizing to the bodies they stepped over to get on top. You can call it cupcakes, they call it sacrifices. And the drama is better because of it. Now that both are on top, the whole world is coming for their crown. They don’t care. They have enough fire power around them to vanquish whoever thinks they can take what’s theirs. Let the games begin.

LeBron James/Jaime Lannister

The King and The King Slayer have a lot in common. Both were both revered as the best in the land. Jaime, the best fighter in Westeros and the pride of the Lannister’s, and James, the best player in the league and Cleveland’s (Akron’s) favorite son. Recently, however, both have seen their pedestal drop a little bit. For Jamie, he was captured, beaten, and had his hand chopped off. For James, his Finals record has now dropped to 3-5, and rumors of him both leaving Cleveland again and turning off teammate Kyrie Irving enough for him to want a trade has dimmed his shine. Both also have a love/hate relationship with fans. LeBron is the most divisive man in sports. Either you love him or hate him. Jamie is hated because of his family name (and his ‘interesting’ relationship with his sister), and loved for being one of the few Lannister’s to actually have a heart. Both great men might not be on top now, but they’re always one move away from sitting back on the throne. And whether you like them or not, we’re all rooting for them to back there, if nothing else, so we can hate on them again.

Blake Griffin/Theon Greyjoy

Once upon a time, Blake Griffin was in line to be the next megastar in the league. Injuries, injuries, and more injuries have regressed Griffin from a top five player in the league to a dimming star. Well, injuries and his annual disappearing act in the playoffs (albeit, also due to injuries most of the time). Griffin was also drafted by LA’s bastard team, the Clippers and was thought to be the savior of the franchise. Although the Clippers have been more relevant during his tenure than ever before, the Clips have still failed to conquer Laker Land. Speaking of Clippers… Theon Greyjoy was the whipping boy for the Starks, and took over Winterfell after the family went off to war. He was about to be the pride of his family, and restore the Greyjoy name. Instead, he was captured, tortured, and literally mutilated until he couldn’t even recognize himself. Even though he was able to get himself together, Theon pulled a full Avatar Aang and vanished when the world needed him most (or at least when his sister did). For Griffin and Greyjoy’s disappearances in the most important moments, these two seamen get the comp here.

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