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  • Romana Bholat

An Early Look at the 2018 Free Agent Class

The hoopla and uproar of the 2017 free agency period has just passed us, so naturally, the only logical thing to do is look forward to the summer of 2018 and the countless number of big name free agents to hit the market.

We’re quite the eager bunch, yes.

Here’s a look at some of the top free agents that will be cashing in next summer and making major game-changing moves.

Kevin Durant – What more needs to be said about Durant after he made one of the biggest free agent moves during summer ’16? Seriously though, it doesn’t seem like the reigning finals MVP is headed to another team any time soon, but in the words of another great Kevin: “Anything is Possible!”

Russell Westbrook – The league MVP and triple-double king is a target for virtually every team, but the Thunder superstar seems to have loyalty on his agenda in making his free agent decision. I mean someone has to, right?

Paul George – Every team has their sights set on this versatile wing who commands a double team once he steps foot on the court. He can turn almost any team into a contender and will likely be recruited by any and everybody.

DeMarcus Cousins – Arguably the best center in the game, Boogie is both an offensive and defensive juggernaut that has a very versatile game. The questions around his attitude and ability to be coachable remain abundant, but there’s no doubt about the talent this big man presents.

Isaiah Thomas – The 5’9” stud has revitalized the Celtics and shown that heart is most certainly greater than height. As a prolific scorer and gutsy leader, I.T. can do big things on any team.

DeAndre Jordan – There’s few, if any big men with more power, hops, and charisma than DJ. The seven-footer would be a major asset to any team with his energetic defense and sustainability. Let’s just hope we don’t get another house lock-in this time around.

Nikola Jokic – A major payday is coming for Jokic who is consistently amazing on the offensive end every night. This big man has the passing skills of a point guard and the shooting ability of a two guard. It’s safe to say that GM’s everywhere are drooling over this superstar in the making.

LeBron James – And then of course, we have the Chosen One himself. There is no bigger name in the league that can turn any team into an immediate contender. This megastar can (and might!) make one of the biggest free agency moves of all time, topping only…..himself in years prior. Much remains to be seen from King James and his court and it’s pretty much a guarantee that we will all be watching and waiting in anticipation.

Other notable free agents include Andrew Wiggins, Chris Paul, Joel Embiid, and Avery Bradley. Not too shabby of a bunch.

While the ink is still drying on the number of hearty contracts, fans everywhere are playing general manager and creating their illusory super teams to come together and be the new force of the league. It’s nice to dream, right?

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