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The NBA Outlet: Finals Recap

The Golden State Warriors defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals

- The Warriors win it all in 5

- Too much talent on GSW

Game 5 Recap

- Strong first quarter from the Cavs

- LeBron came out strong

- Warriors pick it up in the second

- Big boost from the Warriors bench

- More attention on LeBron from second quarter on

- The Warriors cruised in the second half

- Kevin Durant was lethal

- Big plays from Klay

-JR Smith hit big threes

NBA Finals Series Recap

- 3 things that decided this series

- Rebounding

- Talent

- Benches

- Best players

- Worst player

Golden Dynasty

- Is this the greatest team ever?

- How many chips will they win?

- Free agents

Cavs Offseason

- Will or can the Cavs make a splash move?

- Who’s gone?

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