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Are the NBA Finals Over?

After an anticipated wait, the heavyweight matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers finally arrived and after two rounds, it might be time to throw in the towel. After losing by an average of 20.5 points, the Cavs face a similar 0-2 deficit from the 2016 Finals. Everyone knows how that turned out; however, this year is a different year. While no series is ever over until the clock strikes 0.00 in the final seconds of the fourth victory, the Warriors dominance in two games might be signalling the end is near.

Here are Four Reasons Why the NBA Finals may be over.

No Support for the Land

The Cavs’ Big 3 is doing their part in the NBA Finals. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love have combined to average 71 points. As for the team’s supporting cast, they are basically nonexistent. Any player outside the Big 3 is averaging a combined 23 points. This includes 4.0 points from Tristan Thompson and 1.5 from J.R. Smith. Every time LeBron has been in the Finals the statement “LeBron simply can’t do it alone, he needs help” has be muttered in some way, shape or form. Here we are again, the broken record continues to be played. It is difficult but not impossible for the team’s role players to wake up and rise to the occasion. The likelihood of players like Kyle Korver and Iman Shumpert contributing at least 8-10 points is looking very slim.

Three Point Parade

The Warriors love to shoot three pointers. This series, the team is shooting

.395 percent from three compared to Cleveland’s .317. As well, they have attempted 16 more three pointers. Kevin Durant leads the charge shooting .500 from behind the arc. If the Warriors continue to shoot the three ball around Cleveland, it will be tough to keep pace. Three point attempts also lead to long rebounds and even more three pointers. How does Stephen Curry make pulling up from almost half court look so easy? What is the best defense for that shot?

Offensive Woes+ Defensive Headaches = 99 Problems

Numbers don’t lie. The Warriors offense is outplaying that of the Cavaliers. Stephen Curry leads the team with 10.5 assist and the team is averaging 32.5 per game compared to 21 assist from their opponents. The “Dubs” are passing the ball extremely well and creating problems for Cleveland. Going beyond the numbers, simply from an observational standpoint the Warriors offense is far more superior to the Cavaliers. Their offense is much more spread out and features plenty of ball movement. Plenty of times the Cavs offense includes a few passes and a shot or isolation with a few dribbles and a contested shot. Far too many times Draymond Green or Klay Thompson are open for a three pointer as Durant and Curry drive to the lane. Two guys who should not be left open. The matchup problems just leave the Cavs searching and scrambling for help.

The Warriors offense running so smoothly causes major problems for the team from Ohio and leaves them searching and scrambling for answers. Interestingly enough, there seems to be one thing connecting the previous two entries….

Kevin Durant, the Ultimate Warrior

Kevin Durant is playing like a maxed out created player in NBA 2k. Many are even making the case he has become “the best player in the league.” One title KD should certainly be given is “being a massive replacement over Harrison Barnes on both sides of the court”. During the 2016 Finals, in seven games Barnes scored a combined 67 points. In two games alone, Durant has 71. “Durantula” is causing all sorts of matchup problems for the Cavaliers. On offense, he is virtually unguardable and only James comes remotely close to contesting him. On defense, KD is using his length to cause turnovers. In Game 2, he had three steals and five blocks.

The Cavs or as everyone loves to call them “LeBron and Company” must make adjustments in Game 3 otherwise, the Warriors will close out the postseason 16-0 and be crowned NBA Champions.

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