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The NBA Outlet Finals Edition: Game 2 Recap and Game 3 Preview

OTG’s Nick Fay and Xavier Clyburn talk Game 2 of the NBA Finals:

Warriors Win Game 2

- Reaction from Game 2

-Not enough talent?

- Warriors 2nd half runs

- Too much for LeBron James?

- Kevin Love played big

- Kyrie needs to step up

Kevin Durant

- Durant has been huge

- Playing free

- Impact on both ends

- Tiring out LeBron

- What can the Cavs do?

Tristan Thompson

- Where is he?

- Last year’s impact

- Warriors’ focus

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry

- Can this be an all-time duo?

- Do this team-up hurt Curry and Durant’s all-time rank?

- Can KD surpass LeBron ?

Adjustments for Game 3

- What the Cavs need to change to win?

- Defense/Rebounding

- What the Warriors need to change to win?

- Turnovers/First Half


- Who wins?

- Who has a big game?

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