• Romana Bholat

NBA Finals 2017: Coaching Battle

*Ding Ding* Round three in the battle of the NBA heavyweights is set to begin much to the anticipation of basketball fans around the globe. Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have brought home a championship in the past two seasons, and this soon-to-be trilogy could be the culminating tiebreaker in determining who the best team truly is.

Much of the storyline for this finals series centers around the influx of superstar players with reputations and legacies on the line. But, what can’t be overlooked is the vital matchup between the two head coaches: Tyronn Lue and Mike Brown. Both head coaches have been to the finals with the Cavaliers coaching LeBron James in his pursuit of basketball infamy. But in this series, Mike Brown returns to the finals with the number one seeded Warriors, acting as the interim head coach in Steve Kerr’s absence.

There’s no question that Mike Brown has far more coaching experience than young Tyronn Lue, but make no mistake that Lue is a savvy student of the game who knows how to bring the best out of his players when it matters most, as exemplified during last years finals when the Cavaliers infamously overcame a 3-1 deficit.

It would seem that Mike Brown has a somewhat favorable advantage in this matchup having coached LeBron James, however…it is LeBron, who is undeniably a basketball god among us mere mortals. For the first time in these playoffs, Brown will have to make some matchup adjustments after steamrolling through the west.

Despite Steve Kerr’s absence on the sidelines due to complications with back surgery, his influence won’t be left in the shadows. Kerr has already made numerous halftime fixes and voiced his coaching prowess with his top-seeded team. This is in fact, his team, who so compliantly follows his style and teachings en route to yet another finals appearance.

The battle will be epic, the storylines many, and the drama and entertainment seem that they will live up to the hype. The 2017 NBA finals will crown legends and create new storylines that fans around the world will be waiting on edge to see.

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