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The NBA Outlet: 2017 NBA Finals Preview

NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers


- Rematch

- Postseason runs

- Steve Kerr

Stephen Curry vs. Kyrie Irving

- Can Curry stay hot?

- Kyrie getting hot at the right time?

- Who has a better series?

Klay Thompson vs. J.R. Smith

- Will Klay be ice-cold?

- JR has a smaller role this year

- Can JR win this matchup?

Kevin Durant vs LeBron James

- Legendary matchup

- LeBron postseason run

- Who does this championship mean more for?

- Who is more likely to have a rough series?

Draymond Green vs Kevin Love

- Kevin Love fitting in?

- Draymond was big in 2016 Finals

- Love’s defense?

- How big is advantage for Draymond?

Zaza Pachulia vs. Tristan Thompson

- Who will end up playing center the most for GSW?

- TT could have a huge series, again

- Who will matchup with TT?


- Strengths and weaknesses for each team

- X-factors for each team

- Who wins it all?

- Finals MVP

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