• Kyle Zwiazek

Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

Think back to 2010, for some of you that may feel like a lifetime ago, but for most of you it feels like just yesterday. 2010 was the year, John Wall fresh out of the University of Kentucky decided to quote the great Pink Floyd and say, “We don’t need no education”. He left college after one year with sights set on being the first overall pick in the NBA Draft. Since the NBA rule change banning players from entering the NBA Draft right out of high school, there has been an influx of one-and-done players. A one-and-done player is someone that goes to college for one season and then enters the NBA. John Wall was exactly one of those players. It is fitting that the song “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd has the phrase “We don’t need no education”.

For most of his career, John Wall has been the recipient of much hype. During his time in Kentucky, Wall became a bit of an enigma. He started breaking records and received many honors while he was a college player. He was even mentioned in a few songs because of his star power. One of the songs by Troop 41 had a dance along with it. Needless to say, Wall was a star before he even stepped foot on an NBA court. How can one person live up to that hype?

Well the answer is he really hasn’t. Just look at today’s modern basketball landscape, the more hype you have going into your career the tougher it is to live up to it (Good luck Lonzo Ball). That is not saying that John Wall has been bad. By no means has he been a bad player. Success is measured in championships, though. You can just ask LeBron James how important championships are. John Wall has been in the league for 7 years now. At the ripe age of 26 years old, it is time for John Wall to take the next step as a superstar. Game 6 of the playoff series between the Wizards and Celtics was the moment that will change John Wall’s career forever.

The Wizards were on the brink of elimination; there were 4 seconds left in the game and then Wall refused to throw up a brick. He showed guts by going for the win instead of taking chances in overtime. Wall made a 3-point shot to win the game and keep the Wizards Finals hope alive. This was the moment that may turn around the series and may make people see the star power that John Wall really has. There is something to be said for a player that can make the big shot. The Washington Wizards are John Wall’s team. He didn’t let anyone else take that shot with the game and series on the line. That is the making of a superstar.

Now there is no doubting the talent of John Wall. The problem is that he never really had a team around him in the NBA. The Washington Wizards are finally getting to that point where they are considered a legitimate playoff team. They also are one win away from getting swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Believe it or not, that would actually be an amazing step in the right direction. The Wizards as a whole are a few solid bench pieces away from being able to compete with LeBron James and the Cavaliers. John Wall has taken the next step this season even after knee surgery in the off-season. He is the superstar that everyone hoped for when he had all that hype coming out of college. If he can defeat the Boston Celtics at home in Game 7 Wall will really be on the right path to success. In the history of the Boston Celtics they are 20-8 in Game 7s. This will definitely not be an easy task for Wall and the Wizards. One thing is for certain, though. John Wall does not need any more education and made the right decision to go into the NBA. He has already had success in the NBA and will probably continue to excel for years to come.

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