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The NBA Outlet: LAC/UTA Game 7 + Round 2 Previews

Nick Fay and Jonathan Ebrahimi talk Clipper/Jazz Game 7 and preview the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

Clippers vs Jazz Game 7

- Game 6

- Chris Paul

- Who needs to play big?

- Who wins?

Warriors vs “?”

- Does it matter who the Warriors face?

- Who would be a better matchup?

- Jazz could throw some different looks at them

Spurs vs Rockets

- Battle of Texas

- James Harden vs Kawhi Leonard

- Rockets offense and bench

- Poppovich

- Who wins and why

Cavs vs Raptors

- Can the Raptors win?

- How do the Rap slow down LeBron?

- Kyle Lowry vs Kyrie Irving

- Serge Ibaka vs Kevin Love

- Who wins and why

Celtics vs Wizards

- Bad Blood

- Backcourt battle

- How do the Celtics hide IT?

- Horford vs Gortat

- Who wins and why

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