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The NBA Outlet: Playoff Recap 4/23/17

Nick Fay, Harris Wichard and Parth Goradia take a quick look at every playoff series.

Raptors vs Bucks

- The return of DeMar DeRozan

- What happens from here?

Wizards vs Hawks

- The Hawks bounce back in a big way

- Millsap vs Morris

Spurs vs Grizzlies

- Mike Conley vs Kawhi Leonard

- Marc Gasol GW

- Do the Grizz have a chance?

Warriors vs Blazers

- No KD, No Kerr, No Barnes, No Livingston , No Problem

- Return Nurkic

Cavs vs Pacers

- Sweep?

- PG done in Indiana ?

Rockets vs Thunder

- Does OKC even the series?

- Westbrook 50 points or 15 assists?

Bulls vs Celtics

- No Rondo hurts a lot

- Boston can win this?

Clippers vs Jazz

- CP3 and the Clippers

- Jazz vs Warriors

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