• Marc Cantave

The NBA’s Five Greatest Logos

There are 30 teams in the NBA and each team has a logo and associated imagery. Some logos are good and others are trash. The best logos don’t necessarily mean the best teams, but our first two logos definitely have a history of success. To explain, here are the top five NBA logos:

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers, along with the next choice, have one of those logos that even a person who doesn’t watch the NBA can recognize. That’s what makes it so special. From the early days of Wilt Chamberlain to the Showtime Lakers to the dynamic duo of Shaq and Kobe, the Lakers symbol has stayed the same and never flinched. The Lakes logo is iconic. It is simple, but does the trick. A gold basketball with “Los Angeles Lakers” written in purple — the logo is one of the most recognizable in the NBA and is a definite classic.

The Boston Celtics

Like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics have had incredible history in the NBA. In fact, they have the most championships in the league and just like the Lakers, their logo hasn’t changed. With the incredible history associated with the Boston Celtics, their logo shines bright. Celtics green is all over it, featuring a clover-covered leprechaun with a ball on his finger while leaning on a cane. If you haven’t paid attention to NBA logos before, you should actually see how smooth he looks on it, but that’s a different story. Nonetheless, the Celtics and their logo cannot be ignored; one of those teams that you have to include.

Miami Heat

Now we step away from the history of the game and actually focus more on the design. The Miami Heat’s logo features a fire-fused basketball going through a ring. Flames are always nice to look at, right? The Heat logo is definitely one of the better looking ones in the NBA. If I were to purchase another NBA jersey (after my Allen Iverson one) it would definitely be from the Miami Heat because their logo is one of the most stylish ones in the NBA.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves logo isn’t outstanding to look at, but what the logo symbolizes or could be interpreted as is what makes it great. The logo features trees with the words “Minnesota Timberwolves,” but what makes it great is the wolf in the background. For a competitive game like basketball, the wolf is a great animal to have on your logo. A fierce animal which symbolizes strength and unity, it’s perfect for a basketball team.

Chicago Bulls

Once again sticking with that same formula, you have to add in the Chicago Bulls. What’s a stronger or more intimidating animal than a bull? Nothing was more intimidating than when the Bulls announcers would shine a symbol of the Bull before Michael Jordan took to the court. Most times when people see the symbol of any bull they think of the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls logo is definitely one of the most interesting.

These five logos are the best in the NBA. Some for the history, some for the design, and others for what the logo represents for their teams. There are some honorable mentions that could’ve gotten a spot like the Dallas Mavericks or Toronto Raptors, but these are the ones that stand out most. What are your thoughts on my picks and what are some of your favorites?

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