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The NBA Outlet EP. 72 - Favorites, the Forgotten Raptors, MVP Race + More

OTG’s Nick Fay and Jonathan Ebrahimi discuss the following NBA topics:

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors

- Is a Cav/Warriors rematch in danger?

- Cavs recents struggles

- Warriors 10 game-winning streak

- Are the Warriors the clear favorite?

Are the Toronto Raptors Disrespected?

- Are the Raptors being underestimated?

- Kyle Lowry’s return

- How they match-up with Cavs

MVP Race

- James Harden or Russell Westbrook

- Co-MVP?

- Third place?

- LeBron James vs Kawhi Leonard

Jusuf Nurkic Injury

- Will Portland hold on to the eighth spot in the West?

- Nurkic’s impact in Portland

-A look back at the trade

The 8th Spot

- Eastern Conference

- Western Conference

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