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The NBA Outlet EP. 69 - the Lopez Twins, Rest in the NBA and Much More

OTG’s Nick Fay and Harris Wichard discuss the following topics:

Brooklyn Nets vs Detroit Pistons

- Nick talks about his experience at the game

- Does this mean anything for the Nets?

- What positive can you take out of the Nets season?

- The Piston continue to disappoint? What’s wrong in Detroit?

NBA Fights

- Robin Lopez vs Serge Ibaka

- Stephen Curry vs OKC

- Why Superstars don’t fight

Resting Players

- Fan’s perspective

- Player’s perspective

- NBA’s perspective

Does Any Eastern Conference Teams Stand a Chance Against the Cavs?

- Who’s your pick?

- Could any lower seed make an interesting series?

Dame Lillard Post All-Star Break

- Every year he goes ham post ASB

- Will the Portland Trail Blazers get in the playoffs?

- The Nurkic-Plumlee trade

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