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Daily NBA FanDuel Plays 3/20/17

Things to Remember

-Always check for injuries prior to tip-off.

-Daily FanDuel plays are up Monday through Friday.

-No picks on nights of only four games or less.

-Stats are based off FanDuel rules

Big Cap Players ($8,000 and Up)

James Harden vs DEN ($12,200) - Harden dropped 63 fantasy points against the Nuggets on Saturday night on the road. At home, in a high-paced matchup, Harden should be able to put up similar numbers. Plus, he has had 63 or more fantasy points in three of his last four games.

Mid Cap Players ($5,000 to $8,000)

Dario Saric vs ORL ($7,800) - Saric has been a beast , posting 33 fantasy points or more in 14 of his last 17 games. This rookie has really turned it up and has a great matchup tonight against the Orlando Magic. A team that has allowed powerforwards to average over 62 fantasy points a contents over their last five games.

DeAndre Jordan vs NYK ($7,600) - This could be a monster game for DeAndre, not only have the Knicks struggled against centers, but Kristaps Porzingis could be out again tonight. I mentioned the Knicks have struggled with centers , but it has been even worse the last five games, as they are allowing them to average 58 fantasy points a night.

Small Cap Players ($5,000 and Down)

Andre Iguodala vs OKC ( $4,900) - Iggy could be a solid play tonight, as he has posted over 28 fantasy points in his last two games. As well, the Warriors might need him to play at high-level against an emotional opponent like OKC.

J.J. Reddick vs NYK ($4,300) - Reddick is another low cap option, as he has posted over 18 fantasy points in five straight games. I don’t think Reddick is going to explode, but he is a pretty safe choice not to ruin your lineup.

*Stats via Rotowire.com

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