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Top 5 Power Forward Prospects: Pre March Madness

The 2017 NBA Draft class is very obscure in some fashions. Most of the top talent in the draft are primarily focused around two positions being point guard and small forward. It is not like a traditional draft where talent can be scattered across the position field as well as the draft board. This very well may be a draft where teams genuinely focus their boards on value instead of need. As we take a look at the top prospects at their respective positions, you will start to see overwhelming talent in some areas whereas others will be scarce.

Power Forward:

5. Ivan Rabb- California 6’10”/220 lbs.

Rabb could have declared last year and be the second Cal player taken after Jaylen Brown. He decided to stay the extra year and it’s possible it was a mistake. Cal struggled this season and Rabb really couldn’t do much about it. He is looking at a selection in the 20-25 range. However, Rabb’s upside is still very good. A good face up game and the ability to stretch the floor will be valuable to a good number of teams. Struggles a bit on defense, but he will be able to grow due to his size. Still has all-star potential if he’s in the right system.

Pro Comparison: Chris Bosh

4. Robert Williams- Texas A&M 6’9”/235 lbs.

Williams is a candidate to fall in the draft due to his lack of knowledge in the post, but the rest of this kid’s game is legit. A fantastic rebounder and finisher at the rim. He should make an impact right away at the pro level. His upside is very high and could be very good very quickly if he is coached right and thrown in the right system. A team will be getting a steal outside of the lottery. Definitely lottery talent.

Pro Comparison: Shawn Kemp

3. Miles Bridges- Michigan State 6’7”/230 lbs.

Bridges is arguably the most explosive power forward in the draft. Has an NBA body even though he is undersized. He will probably play a combination of both forward positions at the professional level, but should get mostly reps at the four. Bridges has a knack for being aggressive and finishing strong at the rim while also getting second chance points. He is also a relentless defender who can guard players that are bigger than him. Could develop into one of the better defenders in the league if given the opportunity. A definite lottery pick with top ten potential.

Pro Comparison: Draymond Green

2. Lauri Markkanen- Arizona 7’0”/230 lbs.

Markkanen has incredible size for his position that should give him an advantage at his position. A great scorer from all over the floor with the ability to consistently hit the three. A dominant mid-range game and the athleticism to penetrate and finish at the rim in traffic. Very good in the post with his back to the basket. Has the ability to rebound over people and get second chance points. His defense is his weakest part of his game, but with his size, it is definitely likely that he develops into an adequate shot blocker. Potential multiple time all-star and top ten pick.

Pro Comparison: Pau Gasol

1. Jonathan Isaac- Florida State 6’10”/210 lbs.

Isaac has incredible upside and is in the top five pick discussion. I look at Isaac as a player who has an NBA ready game that’s polished and developed, but still needs to grow into an NBA body. He does have a very thin frame which will lead him to struggle in post early in his career. He will be able to play both forward positions, but has prototypical size for a four. Offensively, he is as talented as they come. He can finish in traffic, get second chance points on offensive rebounds, and spread the floor with a good outside shot. Isaac is another player who can be a franchise cornerstone and solidify the floor on both sides of the ball. Pro Comparison: Anthony Davis

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