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The NBA Outlet EP. 68 - D. Wade’s Future, the Most Important Storyline,Guess Who

Nick Fay, Harris Wichard and Jonathan Ebrahimi discuss the follow NBA topics:

March Madness

- What has stuck out?

- Lack of upsets?

- Who are you watching for in the next round?

Dwyane Wade’s Injury

- What it means for the Bulls

- His future with the team

- What could happen this summer?

Russell Westbrook’s Comment on Steph Curry

- Does this even matter?

- Was Westbrook disrespectful?


- What storyline will you follow the most down the stretch?

- The MVP race

- The Playoff race

Guess Who Game

- Player version

- Team version

Bonus: Which NBA player would you like to see on another team?

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