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Top 5 Shooting Guard Prospects: Pre March Madness

The 2017 NBA Draft class is very obscure in some fashions. Most of the top talent in the draft are primarily focused around two positions being point guard and small forward. It is not like a traditional draft where talent can be scattered across the position field as well as the draft board. This very well may be a draft where teams genuinely focus their boards on value instead of need. As we take a look at the top prospects at their respective positions, you will start to see overwhelming talent in some areas whereas others will be scarce.

Shooting Guard:

5. Terrance Ferguson- Adelaide 36ers 6’7”/185 lbs.

Ferguson is already getting a taste of NBA talent by playing in the D-league and playing well. He’s known for his crazy athleticism and speed. He is a very unpolished player to say the least. Very thin frame with a stellar 3-point shot. Can definitely get up to the rim and finish when he has the opportunity. Good potential, but he’s a project probably worth a late first round pick.

Pro Comparison: Terrence Ross

4. Donovan Mitchell- Louisville 6’3”/215 lbs.

Mitchell’s upside is limited in a couple of areas, but he’s a safe bet to be a consistent role player at the very least. Given that the two-guard position is weak this year, he would be a solid late round pick from a competing team. Primarily known for his defense and athleticism, he is a bit undersized for his position. Developed a decent offensive game later this season. Probably would suit best as a three-and-d guy at the NBA level.

Pro Comparison: Kent Bazemore

3. Dwayne Bacon- Florida State 6’7”/220 lbs.

Bacon is guard with fantastic size and extreme explosiveness. He’s a fantastic scorer who seems to get better every year. He chose to stay an extra year to develop his game and he definitely has done that. Can almost score at will and is tenacious on defense. Has potential to be an above-average starter at the pro level, but he needs to be brought up by a good coaching staff to reach his full potential.

Pro Comparison: Dion Waiters

2. Luke Kennard- Duke 6’5”/200 lbs.

Kennard can be a legitimate difference maker at the NBA level and his polished game and ability to contribute immediately boosts his stock more. He has a legitimate chance to go in the late lottery to mid-first round with his knack for putting the ball in the basket. He is an exceptional three-point shooter with a great catch and shoot game. He also works his way through defenses and finds ways to make the most out of every possession. Underwhelming athlete, but his scoring ability is too good to ignore.

Pro Comparison: J.J. Redick

1. Malik Monk- Kentucky 6’3”/200 lbs.

Monk is the best shooting guard in the class and it’s not close. Such a fantastic scorer and athlete and has the upside to be a multiple time all-star. Possibly one of the top five players in the entire draft with his great scoring ability and all-around game. He’s a great shooter who gets hot fast. Good defender who is quick on his feet and stays in front of his man. A superior athlete that can get to the rim and ruin someone’s day. Definitely a top ten draft pick at the very least.

Pro Comparison: Larry Hughes

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