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The NBA Outlet EP. 65 - Dirk, the One Seed in the West, Kawhi and Much More

Nick Fay and Harris Wichard discuss the follow NBA topics:

Dirk Nowitzki Reaching 30,000 Points

- Our thoughts on this achievement

- Where does Dirk rank?

- the impact has had on the NBA and international basketball

Are the Warriors in Trouble?

- Back to back regular season losses for the first time in 146 games

- Lack of depth

- The Warriors upcoming schedule

- Will the Spurs catch them for that one seed?

Kawhi Leonard and the MVP Race

- Where does Kawhi rank in the MVP race?

- Can he win or does he deserve to win?

- Is Isiah Thomas and MVP candidate?

Andrew Bogut Hurt

- Does this matter?

- Will the Cavs pick up someone else?

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