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  • Matthew Handel

The Top Plays From This Year's MVP Candidates

The MVP race is heating up and there are plenty of different takes out there. But , which player is really the MVP? Well, that depends on who you talk to. There are five players that are making a strong case to take home the trophy, but I want to leave the in depth discussion to my guys’ at OTG. For now, I wanted to showcase the MVP candidates top plays of the season so far and let you be the judge of who had the best play.

James Harden

Harden has done it all this season. Ranging from assists through the key hole to a crossover that leaves the crowd picking their jaw up from the floor. Not only can he score with the best of them, but he leads the league in assists. He seems to be making highlight plays every night out and here are 10 of his best so far.

Kawhi Leonard

“The Klaw” has been the best two-way player in the NBA and his play lately has him back in the MVP race. A lot of his game goes unnoticed because it doesn’t show up on the highlights, but don’t count Kawhi out. He can go at your best player with the dunk make the slick pass, or pull up and make it in your eye.

LeBron James

The King has placed his name in the MVP race yet again and not surprisingly has made enough highlight plays to keep you entertained. Like the others on the list he can make the right pass, dunk it on someone’s head, or pull up for a jumper. Many highlight plays to choose from, but here are ten of his best.

Russell Westbrook

Russ is having one of the best statistical seasons is the NBA’s long history and his highlight plays are just as impressive. When you can average a triple-double so far in the season, you can make a lot of nice plays. Check out Russ’ ten best plays so far.

Isaiah Thomas

“IT” has been blazing a trail for all the smaller guards this season. Averaging nearly 30 points per game and getting his teammates involved every night on the court. The king of the 4th quarter has highlight plays for days and here are 10 of his best.

So, you’ve seen the best plays from some of the best players this season, who caught your eye? If you had to pick the MVP from your favorite play of the year so far, who would get your vote?

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