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  • Matthew Handel

The Best NBA Throwback Jerseys of All-Time

NBA jerseys have always been more than just clothing worn on the court. They have been a fashion statement off the court. You wear your favorite jersey of your favorite team, or you wear the jersey you think looks the coolest.

Here’s my list of the best throwback jerseys of all-time.

10. Nuggets’ Rainbow

The Nuggets’ throwback is one for the ages. It mixes a rainbow theme with the mountains and that is just a classic move.

9. Timberwolves’ Black, Blue, and Green

Kevin Garnett would be proud of this selection. The black, blue, and green colors with the rigid style of the T’Wolves logo is what makes this jersey pop.

8. Sonics’ Green, Red, and Yellow

Throwback jersey for a throwback team. The days that Seattle had a pro basketball team were awesome and the jersey they had complimented that. Red, yellow, and green with the swooshing logo coming behind the Sonics logo, classic.

7. Bucks’ Green and Purple with Logo

The biggest logo on the list paired with a green and purple color mixture. It could be seen on Ray Allen splashing 3’s or on the common fan rocking it to the arena.

6. 76ers Black, Red, and White

Probably the simplest jersey on the list is this 76ers’ throwback. But, the red and black with the old 76ers font is classic. It doesn’t hurt that one of the best players to play in Philly made this jersey a classic. Thank you, AI.

5. Rockets’ Blue with White Stripes

Talk about classics, this jersey that Hakeem Olajuwon rocked was exactly that. Easy white stripes complementing the dark blue background and the logo brings it all together.

4. Cavs’ Blue and Orange

The blue and orange mix so well on this Cavs’ throwback to the days of Mark Price. The logo on this jersey is a simple, yet eye catching with ball above the “V”.

3. Hawks’ Black and Red with Logo

The Hawks logo on this jersey is what catches the eye at first and then the colors seem to bring it to life. If you were caught wearing this jersey out and about, you would certainly gain some popularity.

2. Suns’ Black with Logo

Black and orange with the Suns’ logo almost spreading across the jersey like the sun rising and setting. This is a classic and the players who wore it were just as classic.

1.Raptors’ Purple with Logo

The best jersey of all-time. Not only do the colors of purple and black mix well, but the Raptors logo spread across the chest is top notch. It helps that the players wearing the jerseys were some real beasts.

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