• Matthew Handel

4-Point Shot Coming to the NBA?

The NBA's All-Star has been a joke for the past few years and a lot of fans are growing tired of it. The game takes place in the middle of the regular season so not a lot of players want to risk injury by playing too hard, but a happy medium between playing hard and having fun is the goal.

In a recent article on CBSsports.com, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, had this to say about the most recent All-Star game.

“It is an All-Star Game, and you are out there to have fun,” Silver said. 'You hear people talking about 4-point shots, something that’s not about to happen in the NBA but maybe in an All-Star Game; maybe there’s a few spots on the floor where it is a 4-point shot, maybe there’s a half-court shot in the last minute that is 10 points. I don’t know. Maybe those are crazy ideas...."

'I encourage people [to email] Adam@NBA.com,” Silver added. “We will change it by next year. It shouldn’t be playoff intensity, but the guys should be playing.”

A four-point shot coming to next year's All-Star game? I'm not sure what that would do for the game and even more important the competitiveness. As of right now, there really doesn't seem to be a solid idea out there for making this game a balance between having fun for a mid-season weekend and making this game enjoyable to watch with high level of play.

Stephen A. Smith had the best idea I've seen so far and unlike most of his takes this idea makes a lot of sense

Dunk contest for 1 million dollars between the best dunkers in the nation and an All-Star game played for charities? These are two ideas that I'm getting on board with.

Hopefully, Adam Silver listens to Smith and takes it into consideration because it would be much more enjoyable than the "show" we saw this year.

What's your idea of the best solution to keeping the All-Star game fun, but at the same time making it more competitive?

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