• Brett Carroll

How Did the Nets Do at the Deadline

The Brooklyn Nets were rumored to trade star center Brook Lopez before this year’s trading deadline. The team fielded multiple offers, but declined to make a move. The Nets asking price for Lopez seemed to be too much, however, even after they lowered their price from two first round picks to a first and second round pick, no one bit.

I’m happy that the Nets did not trade Lopez, as I mentioned in an earlier article, I do not believe that the Nets would get nearly enough value back for Lopez, especially since the team desperately needed to get potential top five picks to help their rebuilding process. I’m also extremely happy with the moves that the team did make, giving them much needed draft picks that they could use to strengthen the team’s future.

The Nets traded Bojan Bogdanovic and Chris McCullough to the Washington Wizards for their first round pick, Marcus Thornton and Andrew Nicholson. The Nets have already waived Thornton, but the addition of Nicholson should strengthen the Nets depleted frontcourt. Most important, the Nets got another first round pick in the deal.


Side note, the Nets also made a smaller deal trading for K.J. McDaniels for cash. I like that deal because they didn’t give up any assets to get McDaniels, and he gives them an athletic wing who can play defense. But enough about that, let’s get back to the main trade story here…..


Remember, the Nets DO have a first round pick this year, they will swap picks with the Boston Celtics. The problem was, the Nets have the worst record in the league, and the Celtics are currently the second seed in the Eastern Conference, making that pick swap even more painful.

Now the pick that the Nets will get from Washington should also be in the mid 20’s, as the Wizards should lock up the third seed in the East now that Raptors guard Kyle Lowry is out with a wrist injury. However, with two first round picks in this year’s draft, the Nets could potentially draft two good players in what is supposed to be a very deep draft class, or they could potentially use those two picks to trade up and draft a player that could be a difference maker. Again, two mid-to-late 20’s picks won’t be enough to trade up into the top ten, let alone the top five. However, this is a very deep class, and there might be a guys who slips in that 12-16 range that the Nets like, and could potentially use those picks to maneuver up to get him.

I love the possibilities the Nets have now because of this trade. Having two first round picks can only help their cause, not hurt them. At least for this year, they put themselves in a much better position to help themselves in the future. Also remember, next year, the Nets WILL NOT have a first round pick at all, so capitalizing on this year’s draft class will be the utmost importance for the Nets going forward.

I do understand that the Nets could have gotten a similar deal for Lopez. However, the return (even with its possibilities) would not have helped the Nets as much as keeping Brook would have. Trading Lopez and really only getting a mid-to-late 20’s pick in return? That’s a very bad deal for the Nets. Trading Bojan and getting one pick in return? Excellent deal for the Nets.

Even if the Nets are able to package their two picks and trade up, they most likely won’t be getting a superstar with the draft pick. At most, they could get a very good All-Star potential player. That type of player on the Nets without Lopez won’t help the Nets win any games in the future. That type of player on the Nets WITH Lopez, could bring brighter days to Brooklyn. Great job by the Nets to secure a second first rounder that they desperately needed, without giving up their best player in the process. Nets fans finally have something to cheer about this season.

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