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The NBA Outlet EP. 64 - KD’s Injury, Cavs Add Bogut+Williams, GSW vs. CLE

Nick Fay and Harris Wichard discuss the follow NBA topics:

Kevin Durant’s Knee Injury

- Durant out at least 4 weeks

- Who needs to step up for Golden State?

- How this will hurt this team come playoff time?

- Picking up Matt Barnes

The Cavs Additions

- Deron Williams and his impact

- Andrew Bogut and his impact

- Who is the better pickup?

Cavs vs Warriors

- Are the Warriors still the favorites?

- Where the Cavs have the advantage

- The road to NBA Finals

Kyle Lowry and the Raptors

- What the Lowry injury means the Rap?

- How much will the new pieces help?

- Are they on the same level as Boston and Washington?

Embiid and Simmon Done for the Season

- Embiid and his injury history

- How this can be a positive ?

- How would you feel as a Sixers fan?

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