• Matthew Shear

Chicago Should Make Deals For Tomorrow

We’re halfway through the NBA season and quickly approaching the trade deadline. It’s that point of the year where teams must decide whether their rosters need adjustments to make a push towards future team goals. For some, the roster adjustments are meant to find that final piece that will take them from a playoff team into a title contender, and for others the adjustments are geared more towards success further down the line.

The Bulls, realistically, are not a Finals team this season. With Cleveland playing well and with the continued success of San Antonio and Golden State, it’s hard to view anyone else as potential champions. In fact, if Chicago even makes the playoffs it would be difficult for them to make it out of the first round. Not that a title was necessarily in their sights coming into the season, but the front office’s offseason moves haven’t panned out quite as expected.

With trade rumors circling several Bulls’ players, the organization must decide who to deal and what direction they want to take the team in. This period could determine the foreseeable future for the Bulls. Do the Bulls keep the current roster in place and attempt to make a run at whatever preseason goals they had set, or do they blow up the team and attempt a rebuild for the future?

There have been talks of trading Jimmy Butler to the Celtics, making a trade for Jahlil Okafor, and now trading either Doug McDermott or Robin Lopez for a first round pick. It appeared the talks of dealing Butler to Boston had blown over, but due to the injury of Kevin Love, the Cavaliers seem as vulnerable as ever. Toronto already responded, making a trade to acquire Serge Ibaka from the Magic in what seems to be a move to gear up for their playoff push. Perhaps Boston could be swayed into giving up their first-round pick in the 2017 draft, likely to be a high one from the Brooklyn Nets, to add another All-Star guard to pair with Isaiah Thomas. If one or more moves were made by Bulls management, Chicago could obtain several picks in this year’s and next year’s draft, finally setting the team up to truly become younger and more athletic. It has already been announced that Gar Forman and John Paxson will return for next season, so they should make the tough decision that is right for the team.

In the last five years, the Bulls have gone from contenders in the East to mediocrity fighting for first-round exits in the playoffs. Chicago’s best shot at long term and extended success is through a rebuild, perhaps dealing Jimmy Butler in the process. This year’s draft class is one of the deepest in years, and the Bulls should look to capitalize on that by making moves for draft picks. With their current roster, the team is looking at stumbling into the playoffs and finding a tough matchup with either the defending champs or a red-hot team in Boston. Bulls fans, and management for that matter, should be tired of being ok with just making the playoffs. Chicago should be aiming for titles again.

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