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The NBA Outlet EP. 61 - Kevin Love’s Injury, the Raptors/Magic Trade + More

Nick Fay, Harris Wichard and Dicky Fungo talk the following topics:

Kevin Love’s Injury

- The impact on the Cavs

- Do they need to make a move?

- Who can step up?

-Are LeBron's minutes an issue?

Serge Ibaka to the Toronto Raptors

- What it means for the Raptors

-Can they challenge the Cavs?

-Are they better than the Celtics and Wizards?

The Orlando Magic

- What are the Magic doing?

- Do the Magic suck at trading?

Most Anticipated Event/Storyline this Weekend (All-Star Weekend)

- No Joel Embiid :(

- Celebrity Game

- Westbrook/KD

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