• Matthew Handel

Where Does LeBron's Latest Late Game Shot Rank in His Career?

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers took down the Washington Wizards in overtime, and LeBron hit one of the best shots of his career. A turnaround,fade-away, three-point, bank shot to send the game to overtime. It was a great shot, but where does it rank among his career late game shots?

10. Baseline winner against the Wizards

Another one from the vault, 2006 playoffs, but just like the layup against the Pacers this is impressive. Through the traffic and just before the buzzer, this time to win in overtime.

9. Couple dribbles and a clutch shot

After a couple of side dribbles, the King nails one against his rivals. The Celtics had gotten the best of LeBron before, but this time he would put the dagger in their heart.

8. Scoop and score to beat the Pistons

Ending a great game, LeBron nails a scoop layup to beat the Pistons in double-OT.

7. Step back from the vault

This was from LeBron’s first tour with the Cavs back in 2009, but it was the same type of shot he would later hit against a different Warriors team.

6. Late game layup to down the Pacers

Another Eastern Conference game winner from LeBron James, but this time it was a layup. The most impressive part was his ability to get right by Paul George, the Pacers best defender by far.

5. Step back three against the Warriors

Not a playoff game, but this shot is still impressive. Step back three to beat a Warriors team that he would become very familiar with over the years.

4. Late game dagger against the Spurs

Spurs fan look away because this game may still linger in your heart. Game 7 against the Spurs, LeBron hit a dagger to put the Heat up by 4. The Heat would go on to win the game and claim the title.

3. Game-winner in Chi-town

Almost identical to the game-winner against the Magic, LeBron catches it, shoots it, and wins the game. It would tie the series again, and the Cavs would go on to win the series.

2. Did he call bank?

Here it is, the bank shot to force overtime against the Wizards. It was such a smart play to recognize where the three-point line is, get behind it, and hit a turn around three to force OT.

1. Game-winner against the Magic

A catch and shoot three from the parking lot, for the win, and it tied up the series at 1. This shot will forever be one of his best.

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