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The NBA Outlet EP. 58 - Top 5 at Every Position, Yogi, All-Star Saturday + More

Nick Fay, Harris Wichard and Greg Alcala breakdown the following NBA topics:

OTG’s Top 5 PGs,SGs,SFs,PFs,Cs

- No Kyrie Irving, Dame Lillard, Isiah Thomas

- Bradley Beal?

- Should Blake be higher

- Embiid getting some love

Trade Rumors

- Time to move Jimmy Butler

- Could a big move hurt the Celtics chemistry

- Big men on the move

- Will the Cavs make a move

Yogi Ferrell and the Dallas Mavericks

- Yogi’s impact

- The D’League and the NBA

- Playoffs?

The Miami Heat

- Erik Spoelstra's job in Miami

- Goran Dragic turning it up

- 9-game winning streak

All-Star Saturday

- A look at NBA All-Star Saturday and it's contestants


- Superbowl picks

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