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The NBA Outlet EP. 57 - LeBron vs. Barkley, Trade Rumors, Nash vs Harden + More

Nick Fay and Harris Wichard breakdown the following NBA topics:

LeBron James vs. Charles Barkley

- LeBron’s comments on Barkley

- Who’s side are you on?

- Help or hurt the Cavs?

- Tristan Thompson's comments

NBA Trade Rumors

- DeMarcus Cousins to the Phoenix Suns?

- Serge Ibaka on the move

- Carmelo Anthony rumbles

- And more trade talk

Eastern Conference Playoff Picture

- The Washington Wizards rise to the top

- The Toronto Raptors recent struggles

- Can the Boston Celtics make a run for the one seed?

James Harden vs. Steve Nash

- Who is a better fit in D'antoni's system

- Harden’s production

- Nash’s efficiency

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