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  • Romana Bholat

Point Gods

Today’s NBA is a different game; this is a guard-dominated league with a heavy abundance of talent that shows no signs of slowing down. As the quarterbacks of their team, modern-day guards can both dish it out and tear it up on the offensive end, and us fans are in store for some great matchups every night. Here a few of the greats our league has to offer.

Best of the West (in no particular order):

  • Chris Paul: While CP3 may be the seasoned veteran of the group, he’s still dishing it out and scoring some serious buckets on a contending team. Considered one of the best leaders in the game, Chris Paul doesn’t quit, and always manages to come back from injury stronger and hungrier than ever.

  • Stephen Curry: What more needs to be said about the reigning two-time MVP? Chef Curry is leading his team to the best record in the league while averaging an impressive 24ppg and 6apg on a team bustling with stars. Steph is poised to make another finals appearance and remind the world why he was the first unanimous MVP the league has seen.

  • Damian Lillard: As the heart and soul of the Trail Blazers with genuine love and loyalty for his team, Dame puts up consistently solid numbers for his squad and can get hot in a matter of seconds, especially if this fierce competitor is antagonized. We see you, Dame Dolla.

  • Russell Westbrook: The lightning-fast enigma that’s absolutely tearing through the league, Westbrook is silencing all doubters by averaging a triple-double and putting on a show every night. He’s become must-see TV as he spearheads the Thunder’s battle for playoff seeding.

  • James Harden: The Beard is absolutely killing it playing the point now on a team of countless sharp shooters. Moving to the one under Coach Mike D’Antoni’s system, Harden is leading the lead in assists per game while managing to score 28ppg and pull down 8rpg. Not too shabby for the reigning Shaqtin’-a-Fool champ.

Beasts of the East (in no particular order):

  • Kyrie Irving: Coming off a killer finals performance, Kyrie is averaging 23pgg and 5apg for the reigning champions. The three time All-Star and guy with the insane handles is showing us that he’s only getting started on his road to greatness.

  • Kyle Lowry: The 6’0” guard is leading the North to the second seed in the east with his impressive 22ppg and 7apg amid making another case as an All-Star this season. If Lowry continues his stellar play, the Raptors will definitely be a difficult out in the postseason.

  • Kemba Walker: As the undoubted leader of the Charlotte Hornets, Kemba Walker is all but carrying his team to a solid record and displaying his value as an All-Star caliber point guard. And although the Hornets don’t get too much national TV time, it’s undeniable that Cardiac Kemba has been putting the team on his back and impressing fans everywhere.

  • John Wall: This speed demon is averaging a double-double with an impressive 22ppg and 10apg for the Washington Wizards. Wall is a major contributing factor to his team’s 12-game home winning streak and has taken his play up a notch as of late.

  • Isaiah Thomas: The 5’9” All-Star may be the smallest of the bunch, but his heart, effort, and great play can’t be discounted. Leading the Celtics to the third seed in the east, Thomas is the third highest scorer in the game and leads the league in fourth quarter scoring. Heart over height clearly ain’t no joke.

With the plentitude of point guard talent we have in our league, it’s pretty strange to see any of today’s teams without a killer ball handler in the backcourt since a great point guard is vied for as a leader and playmaker for their squad. Today’s floor generals run the show and control the tempo, always giving the fans something to look forward to. Whether it be a crafty assist, a game-winning shot, or a timely rebound amidst a bunch of 6’10” giants, today’s point guards do it all.

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