• Chandel Smith

Trade Targets for the New York Knicks

January is make or break month for most NBA teams. You can surge and build momentum or activate tank mode. It's also the beginning of a lot of trade rumbling as the February deadline approaches. As teams look to add roster depth, build into contenders, or sell off and stock assets here are some possible options for the New York Knicks. The team hasn't been playing well enough to showcase valuable trade options outside of Melo, O’Quinn, Lee, and I'm not sure who would like an overpaid and over the hill Joakim Noah, but maybe Phil can finally put some of that “Zen master” magic to work.

Jae Crowder

Boston doesn't like us (the Knicks). So getting Crowder may need a 3rd team and the Celtics have been pretty tough on being flexible when it comes to trades. But with his Twitter ethering of the Celtic fans, it may be an option. Phil regrets not pursuing him, I hope he doesn't overpay if he targets him.

Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor

The Knicks need a young center to pair with Porzingis. Both can give us a double-double. While, Noel is better defensively and Okafor is better offensively, you can teach Okafor defense. Either or work for me as the frontcourt will be young and can pair together for years to come. Plus, Philly has way too many big men and the future is Embiid and Simmons.

DeMarcus Cousins

He probably won't come here without the Knicks giving Porzingis 🦄. And the Knicks should never trade the Porzingod. However, with some wishful thinking, zen master magic, and maybe a first round pick maybe this can happen. He's always in some kind of trade rumors for a reason right?

Tony Allen

Whether the team feels to build around Melo or Porzingis, Tony Allen is a great piece to add. He works with any system, as a feel for the basketball that can’t be taught, and with enough offense between Carmelo/Kristaps/Rose, having a glue guy that commits to defense will only make things easier. Courtney Lee is a good wingman but having a guard that can lock in on defense is something the Knicks are lacking.

Jeff Green

The Magic have too much frontcourt. Jeff Green is a serviceable player who can balance the Knicks in lineups with KP at center. Plus, he can play the 2, 3 and 4.

Brandon Knight and Tyson Chandler

Perhaps the Influence of Jeff Hornacek will shine brightly with this trade. Knight is not the best defender. However, Derrick Rose isn't the best defender either, and Knight doesn't have the same injury history as Rose. Being familiar with Hornacek is a plus, and, he can play 2 guard positions, score and create.

Throwing Tyson Chandler in the mix allows the Knicks to have what they wish out of Joakim Noah. He is a reliable interior defender, enforcer, leader and champion. Speaking of familiarity, Chandler misses NY, and also knows the coach.

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