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Daily NBA FanDuel Plays 1/10/17

Things to Remember

-Always check for injuries prior to tip-off.

-Daily FanDuel plays are up Monday through Friday.

-No picks on nights of only four games or less.

-Stats are based off Fanduel rules

Big Cap Players ($8,000 and Up)

John Wall vs CHI ($9,500) - The Bulls have gotten killed by point guards their last five games, allowing them to average over 60 fantasy points. Wall is a pretty safe bet as well, posting over 46 fantasy points in five of his last seven games. Plus, the Bulls will be on the second night of a back-to-back.

Mid Cap Players ($5,000 to $8,000)

Dwight Howard vs BKN ($7,600) - Dwight is inconsistent , but he has great matchup tonight. He faces the Nets, a team that allows centers to average over 50 fantasy points a game. Plus, the Nets might be without their best rebounder, Trevor Booker, so Dwight should dominate the glass.

Julius Randle vs POR ($7,200) - Randle has really picked up his play of late, posting over 35 fantasy points in six of his last eight games. The Blazers are also allowing the most fantasy points to power forwards in the league. So look for Randle to continue his solid play tonight.

Reggie Jackson vs SAC ($7,100) - Jackson is killing it right now, posting over 34 fantasy points in five straight games. He finally looks healthy and like the Reggie Jackson we saw last season, so take advantage of his price while you can.

Small Cap Players ($5,000 and Under)

Allen Crabbe vs LAL ($4,200) - Crabbe is a solid pick if you are looking for a punt play, as he has posted over 21 fantasy points in four of his last six games. Another nice thing about Crabbe is that receives over 30 minutes most nights.

*Stats via Rotowire.com

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