• Dicky Fung

Why You Should Watch the Philadelphia 76ers

Current Record: 8-24 15th in Eastern Conference

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The city of Brotherly love, the 76ers finally has something to be excited about. After years at being the joke of the NBA, all that losing (or tanking) has finally paid off. “Trust the Process” has become a tune amongst the city as the franchise has gathered up some very promising prospects in Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. If you haven’t had a chance to see the 7-foot big man play yet, tune in. Embiid is the real deal. Despite being treated with kid gloves and a minute restriction, he’s still the runaway Rookie of the Year. At the age of just 22, Embiid has shown his defensive prowess with his advanced offensive arsenal. He has such quick nimble feet that other centers are finding it very hard to stop him. He’s even hitting 3-pointers at a 38% clip. That’s better than some of the guards and wings in this league. It might be a stretch and a ridiculous thing to say…but baby Olajuwon anyone?

Ben Simmons has yet to play an NBA game. But if he’s anything as advertised, his unique playmaking ability as a “point forward’ will ignite an offense that Philly has been seeking for years. I’m not ready to say he’s the next LeBron James or the next Blake Griffin like some are saying. However, Simmons is only 22 years old and a 6-foot 10 forward with the ability to handle the rock and dish is rare.

The 76ers still have a lot of work to do, despite their promising prospects. They have to find a way to solve that log jam at the 4/5 position with Nerlens Noel and Jahill Okafor. The Sixers will have to find an identity and form a core of players that fit a system featuring Simmons and Embiid. Sergio Rodriguez and Robert Covington has shown they are capable NBA players. The 76ers still have more incoming draft picks coming their way in 2017, with a top 3 protected pick from the Lakers and another first round pick they practically stole from the Sacramento Kings. Philly shouldn’t be in the lottery much longer…so Trust the Process.

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