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Daily NBA FanDuel Plays 12/29/16

Things to Remember

-Always check for injuries prior to tip-off.

-Daily FanDuel plays are up Monday through Friday.

-No picks on nights of only four games or less.

-Stats are based off Fanduel rules

Big Cap Players ($8,000 and Up)

Kyle Lowry vs PHO ($8,700) - Lowry has been great over his last four games, posting over 40 fantasy points in each contest. As well, the Suns are allowing point guards to average 52 fantasy points a night over their last five games. Look for Lowry to put up some big numbers.

Mid Cap Players ($5,000 to $8,000)

Rudy Gobert vs PHI ($7,500) - This just seems like it will be a Gobert swat fest, especially with Joel Embiid out tonight. Not to mention, Gobert has posted over 31 fantasy points in 10 of his last 11 gameswix.

Julius Randle vs DAL ($6,600) - Randle returned from injury with a bang, posting over 37 fantasy points in back to back games. Plus, we know the Mavs have struggled all year and have a banged up frontcourt.

Small Cap Players ($5,000 and Under)

Seth Curry vs UTA ($4,300) - Seth could be a nice punt play tonight, as he has put up over 20 fantasy points in six of his last seven. And with the injuries the Mavs have, there is always a possibility for more minutes.

*Stats via Rotowire.com

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