• Matthew Shear

Why Dwyane Wade Fits in Chicago

The Chicago Bulls have had their ups and downs during this season, but the player that has remained their rock is Dwyane Wade. So far, Wade has proven to be a strong leader and mentor to some of the younger players on this Bulls roster. It seems that he is relishing in his new role with Chicago, and his successful transition into this team has been made possible by several players also in Chicago and by Wade’s past experiences in the NBA.

Dwyane Wade has always been very good at adapting to new roles as a player. When looking back on his career you can follow the arc of his responsibilities on different teams. He has been a leader on a championship team, a scoring champ, the Robin to LeBron’s Batman, and a crafty veteran after he lost some of his athleticism. It isn’t surprising that Wade has been able to adapt his game to fit right into this Bulls lineup. He is still filling the role of a savvy veteran while also mentoring the young players on the team.

Another factor that allowed Flash to gel with the Bulls roster, and something that was largely overlooked when Wade first joined the Bulls, is Jimmy Butler’s ability to guard the small forward position. No one really questioned if the two traditional shooting guards would be able to play with each other because Butler has already established himself as an elite defender in the NBA. This allows Fred Hoiberg to play the two guards together without sacrificing anything on the defensive end of the floor.

Another important thing to remember is Rajon Rondo’s ability to run the point. While Rondo has been known as a ball dominant guard, his pass-first style of play allows for Butler and Wade to look for their own shots freely. This allows for the three players to easily play with one another, because none of their play styles really clash with the others. Clearly the three guards are more concerned with winning and they all seem willing to put the team needs first. After a couple of losing streaks in the past few weeks, only time will tell if Fred Hoiberg and the Bulls can turn their roster into a playoff contender.

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