• Marc Cantave

The Best NBA Commercials So Far This Season

NBA action is always entertaining, but when the game stops the commercials are on and they can sometimes be even more entertaining. Here are a few of the best NBA commercials out there.

Make That Old (Stephen Curry)

This is an inspiring and telling NBA commercial, that consists of Golden State Warriors’ point guard Stephen Curry. He and a few other children are speaking of his accomplishments, but more importantly his failures. The commercial is basically saying to put all accomplishments and failures in the past and push forward to create something new.

State Farm Commercials: The Tree is Falling

Honestly, you can pick any of Chris Paul’s State Farm commercials as they are all great and funny. This particular one was my favorite so far this season because Chris Paul made his normal State Farm jokes, but also subtly issued a challenge to Stephen Curry’s Warriors and Damian Lillard’s Trail Blazers by stating that they (Clippers) are coming for them. It was a great commercial as usual, but I like that little dose of NBA competitiveness.

Foot Locker Week of Greatness (Carmelo Anthony)

This particular commercial was great because it gave Carmelo Anthony the chance to respond to the critics who state that he cannot be great because he didn’t win an NBA championship. It was funny and it was one of the better commercials featuring Carmelo Anthony.

Russell Westbrook Air Jordan Commercial

Of course, who could forget the Russell Westbrook commercial that appeared earlier this season. The headline “some run and some make runways” was perceived to be a shot at Westbrook’s former teammate Kevin Durant who left to join the Golden State Warriors. This commercial sent a buzz throughout social media for a few days and was talked about by many media pundits. This was definitely the most noticeable commercial this season.

Lebron James Sprite Commercial

You have to have a Lebron James commercial at some point and I thought this one was great. During the entire commercial, Lebron James is refusing to tell the audience to “Drink Sprite” while the message is all over the place. James is a good actor (see Trainwreck) and I thought this commercial showed off his personality well. He also got the job done because after I saw it; I ended up getting a Sprite.

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