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Daily NBA FanDuel Plays 12/7/16

Things to Remember

-Always check for injuries prior to tip-off.

-Daily FanDuel plays are up Monday through Friday.

-No picks on nights of only four games or less.

-Stats are based off Fanduel rules

Big Cap Players ($8,000 and Up)

DeMarcus Cousins vs DAL ($11,100) - Cousins continues to dominate, posting over 50 fantasy in nine of his last ten games (including 60+ in three of his last four games). The Mavericks will also be without starting center Andrew Bogut, giving Cousins another advantage.

LeBron James vs NKY ($9,600) - LeBron didn’t seem to happy with the Cavs losing three straight, and it showed last game. He played with more intensity and posted 57 fantasy points. I expect some of the same against the Knicks tonight at MSG.

Mid Cap Players ($5,000 to $8,000)

Will Barton vs BKN ($6,000) -. Barton finally looks healthy and is starting to find his rhythm. The shooting guard has scored over 30 fantasy points in last three games. The Nets and Nuggets struggle defensively,so there will be plenty of points to go around in this one.

Sean Kilpatrick vs DEN ($5,700) - Jeremy Lin is still out, so the Nets will continue to give Kilpatrick a lot of touches. Kilpatrick has also posted 23+ fantasy points in seven straight games. And as I mentioned above, there will be a lot of points in this one.

Small Cap Players ($5,000 and Under)

Brandon Jennings vs CLE ($4,000) - IF Derrick Rose is out tonight, Jennings has some nice value. Jennings has had some nice nights off the bench fantasy wise, so with a full night of minutes he could surprise.

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