• Nick Diesing-Fay

Daily NBA FanDuel Plays 12/6/16

Things to Remember

-Always check for injuries prior to tip-off.

-Daily FanDuel plays are up Monday through Friday.

-No picks on nights of only four games or less.

-Stats are based off Fanduel rules

Big Cap Players ($8,000 and Up)

Hassan Whiteside vs NYK ($9,100) - This could be a huge night for Whiteside.The Knicks are allowing the most fantasy points to centers in the league. Plus, Whiteside has posted 50+ fantasy points in three of his last four games.

Mid Cap Players ($5,000 to $8,000)

Kristaps Porzingis vs MIA ($7,600) - The Heat have some banged up forwards, giving Porzingis an even bigger advantage/ As well, Porzingis has been consistent as hell, posting over 32 fantasy points in 10 of his last 11 games. Hopefully, I didn’t just jinx him.

Marc Gasol vs PHI ($7,500) - Gasol is coming off his biggest game of the season (62 fantasy points) and has posted over 40 fantasy points in three straight games. Plus, the Sixers almost the second most fantasy points to centers in the league.

Small Cap Players ($5,000 and Under)

Troy Daniels vs PHI ($4,200) - Daniels is cooking right now and the Grizzlies have a ton of injuries. Plus, he plays a pretty bad Sixers defense. So, I would at least play Daniels in one lineup.

Josh McRoberts vs NYK ($3,600) - McRoberts is another possible punt play tonight. With all of the injuries in Miami, the Heat may be forced to play McRobert over 30 minutes. So, at $3,600, McRoberts could have some nice value.

*Stats via Rotowire.com

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